Things that make me feel strong…

by goatlove

That's me!

M-effing CHAIN SAWS, yo!

I spent Saturday at the Cobscook Community Learning Center ( with a chain saw in my hands.  The magnanimous Chouan was kind enough to spend the day with myself and Kara (CCLC director of educational programs) to impart some of her saw wisdom on us.  We learned about safety, gear, saw parts, felling, and cleaning.  It was a BLAST!

The top five things I learned?

1. Keep your head away from the kickback zone, or kiss your nose goodbye (which you could literally do because you’ll be holding your nose in your hand after the saw kicks back in your FACE and cuts it off).

2.  Move away quickly from a falling tree… but don’t run into your saw.

3.  The first notch cut should be STEEP.

4.  Wear the safety gear.

5.  Seriously, wear it.

There’s much much more to tell you about, as far as my day with the saw is concerned, but it’ll have to wait for another day.  I’m still recovering from a crazy amazing night and morning that left me filled to bursting with good things and warmth.  Just need to bask in this a little bit longer.

So… more saw business to come.