Fact in your FACE! The diaphanous dress, and other ghost stories.

by goatlove

People in Maine take their ghosts seriously.  I suppose this makes sense, given that Maine is pretty darn old.   Our house, for one, is over 100 years old… or something crazy like that.

One of the local ghosts in downeast Maine is Catherine of Blacks Woods.  According to legend, my girl Catherine wanders down Blacks Woods Road at night in flouncy attire with her thumb out.  If you don’t pick her up, you’ll end up 6 feet under, or maimed, or you’ll stub your toe at the VERY least.  And that’ll ruin anyone’s day.

Catherine isn’t your run of the mill apparition.  Often when she appears she’s missing parts of her body… like, uh, her head.  This is both good and bad for anyone driving down Blacks Woods Road at night.  Pros: She’s easy to pick out of a crowd.  Cons: It may be difficult to keep a cool head (ha!  a pun) and pull over to offer her a ride.  But make sure you do!  For the sake of your tootsies!

So… have I done the drive myself?  During the day, yes (it’s gorgeous!).  At night… not yet.  But I’ll let you know what happens when I do.

Any other Mainer ghost stories???  Or have YOU seen Catherine?