In the cheese kitchen: things we make…

by goatlove

-feta, wedged and crumbled
-chevre (logs, spreads – plain, sweet summer, chive/pepper, dill/garlic, Italian Lover, Garlic Lover)
-raw milk
-organic cow’s milk ricotta (we make this but it’s sold by another farm)

Current experiments:
-bloomy rind

My favorites???
I LOVE our yogurt and I’ve been getting into the kefer too.  The milk, of course, is delicious.  And the CHEVRE!  OH the CHEVRE!  I could eat our dill/garlic spread and Italian Lover by the handful.  Smooth, creamy, and cloud-like on my tongue.  I can’t wait to try to the bloomy rind and camembert when they’re finished ripening!  I have a feeling they’re going to be KILLER!

There’s MORE too!  More products that we make that I have YET to learn!

Pictures to come!