Paint the town: fun with pork.

by goatlove

On your right, first house. Grey MailBox.

Sunday SUNDAY Sunday!  Quickly becoming stock-up-on-hugs day.  This time I headed up (which is actually south and west, mind you) to Mount Desert Island to hang out with Morgan and meet Kate, another Obie.  Kate had fixed up a massive pot of aromatic pork.   Gruff Neil Diamond sounds serenaded us while we stuffed ourselves with carnitas.  Lots of conversation and a few drinks later, musical instruments started sprouting from the furniture.  I was breaking guitar strings (literally) and Kate was rocking the fiddle.  Friend circle expanded by 1!

(Haiku for alcohol:
My dear how I’ve missed
your warm tickling caress
on my tongue.  Ahhh… rum!)

Monday morning I woke to green apple walls and birds framed by hearty oak branches.  I spent the day taking a driving tour of the “quietside” of MDI.  It was a gorgeous day, warm with a flirtatious sun layering friendly pecks on my cheeks.  I drove back home on the haunted Blacks Woods Road (check out this week’s Friday post for more info).

By the end of my MDI stay I felt rejuvenated, owing, I think, to the sunshine and the generous weight of hugs on my arms.