Check in: making friends, missing friends.

by goatlove

The last week has been rough.  I came up to Maine imagining myself finally having time.  To think, reflect, write, grow, repeat.  Making friends was not high on my priority list.  I felt I needed a respite from my social antics of the last year and, also, I thought that making friends would be very difficult out here.  BUT, I’m finding that my relationships and social interactions are a profound source of strength and energy for me.  So, priorities are shifting slightly.

Social options ARE limited when your day ends around 7:30 p.m. and you have to get up at 5:30 a.m. and people live anywhere from 10 to over 60 minutes away.  It’s difficult to find time to develop relationships.  More than that though, it’s difficult for me to be patient with such things.  Honestly, I’ve only been here for nearly a month now, and I have 5 friends on the horizon.  That’s more than a friend a week!  And they’re free!  In Durham, I was paying 5 bucks a friend… Debbie Downers, you know what I’m talking about.

I guess I just miss my people.  I miss my ladies in Durham who I can count on for A-NY-THING.  I miss my D. Downers in Raleigh.  I miss my pals who I could always count on to say “yes” to a hike.  I miss sporadic craft nights and cheap cocktail hours and potlucks and dance parties.  I miss Bull McCabes.  I miss Cat’s Cradle and really good live music.  Locopops!  Random encounters at Whole Foods!  Twisted Noodles! Bulls games!  Red Collar and Hammer No More the Fingers shows!  I miss you, Durhamites!  And I miss you, Durham!

It’s in times of nostalgia, like this, that I have to remind myself to return to the things within myself that I draw strength from.  Writing, reading, art, and letters.  Sooo… I guess that means you should keep checking your mailbox!  Also, RECEIVING mail makes me feel all warm and smiley, so PLEASE feel free to send a letter this way.