Disbudding part three: BAM! I did it!

by goatlove

It was my turn with the disbudding iron yesterday.  I disbudded our two youngest doelings, Venus and Alma.  First one up was my gal Alma.  Check it out…

Baby's first haircut: clearing away fur that could create smoke and obstruct my view.

Resting between traumas. Alma hollered through every part of this process. I think being restrained freaked her out more than the hot iron.

Hot hot heat: Alma was thrashing and screaming at this point and I had to keep a very firm hold on her.

Another breather: I feel like the breaks were as much for my benefit as they were for hers. I was pretty tense throughout the process and my knees ached from keeping her in place.

One side down! One to go! We can do it, Alma!

Cue blood curdling screams.

Whew! We did it!

Disbudding – check!   Next on my checklist?  Witnessing a birth!  I missed Alma’s birth… fingers crossed I don’t miss another!  We’ve got two preggers gals left and they could pop very soon.

PS:  What do you think of my sexy Carhartts??

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