Check in: holidaaay… celebraaate.

by goatlove

Easter Sunday!  A time to celebrate the lord… or German Potato Salad.  Today I got to sleep-in until 6:30!!!  I was probably still up well before all you suckas… which I guess makes me the sucka.  Reason for the extra snooze time?  Today is a “paid holiday!”  Don’t get TOO excited for me… paid holidays are different on a farm.  Still have to do morning and evening chores, but the rest of the day should be for myself… unless my boss gets any crazy cheese ideas.

Writing an email to a friend recently, I realized how fast life is moving out here.  Here are some of the highlights from the last week:

My two-week mark!  I cannot believe I’ve only been here two weeks!

I got to bake muffins for WORK!  I let my baking brain get all creative ‘n’ stuff and deviated from the family’s general muffin recipe.  Brown Sugar Apple Cinnamon Muffins… mmm!

Kim asked me if I felt like being creative. Psh, YAH!  So I got to come up with a way to present our goats’ milk soap in donation gift bags.  Good thing I practically carry a hot glue gun around in my POCKET!  (dramatization.  do not attempt.)

My bro and I attended an organic gardening class.  It was great to chat with him during the 30 minute drive, and the class itself was fantastic.  I am VERY excited to get my hands in our garden.

The whole family trotted off to a First Friday social/pizza night in Lubec.  I’ll tell you more about that in Tuesday’s Paint the Town post.

My boss and I made camembert for the first time!  This process is SO different from any of our other cheeses.  It has to age for a couple of weeks so we won’t know for a while if the recipe will need a tweak.

It’s something new every day out here!  Still having a blast… but definitely happy to have some extra chill time today.  Enjoy the day!