Fact in your FACE! Up, down, whatever.

by goatlove

I’m living in “Down East” Maine which refers to the towns along the coast sandwiched between Acadia National Park and the Canadian border.  People here will have you believe that  this is the southern most point in the U.S. They’ll try to trick you into believing this too by referring to everywhere else as “up.”  They’ll just slip it into a sentence as if it makes sense… for instance: “Usually we head ‘up’ to Connecticut for the holidays.”  Whaaa???

SO!  I have researched and discovered the reason for this Mainer habit.  The saying originated back in the day, when ships were the primary form of transportation and no one had even heard of Nutella.  Folks sailing from Boston to Maine had the wind at their back, and so would be sailing downwind.  The reverse is true too, to sail from Maine to Boston folks would have to sail upwind.  Has anyone heard of a different explanation for this Mainer quirk?