Paint the town: Camry, you ol’ heartbreaker.

by goatlove

Recipe for a Sunday adventure:

-Start by convincing a friend that it’s a great idea to drive over an hour to hang out with goats… even better, let it be their crazy idea.
-Add a planned trip to Roque Bluffs but fold in a Camry that won’t start and a Mazda that’s shedding its undercarriage.
-In a separate bowl, mix equal parts milking and romping with kids.
-Combine everything and marinate in deep conversation.
-Sprinkle with bouncy tunes, ghost stories, and a 4 year old’s hilarious hippie comment.
-Add marshmallows as needed.
-Chill at 40 some degrees and whip with ice-cold wind… and there you have it!

Morgan and the mysterious black box... some hay strings ought to fix that right up!

Morgan on the beach.