Cold, lonely Maine.

by goatlove

I didn’t know what to expect when I moved to Jonesboro, Maine, but I pictured that life here would be cold and lonely.  So, what’s it really like Downeast?

The cold:
It is definitely cold here… but surprisingly doesn’t feel too cold.  At the times when I’m up the hill milking at 6:30am and the wind is blowing sideways and wrestling the temperature below the zero degree mark, I’m either moving or snuggled up next to a big, toasty doe.  So the cold feels bearable here.

The lonely:
I have felt loneliness creep into my joints only once in the two weeks I’ve been here.  It’s difficult to feel lonely when I’m part of a family of 7+ people who are just silly enough that I fit right in.  And I have a friend here who I can talk to about the big things that matter. A warm, unexpected surprise.

My heart is filled up by so many things each day, occasionally I can’t stop smiling and thinking about how lucky I am to be here.  Most of the time, though, my life here feels so natural that it’s difficult to not feel completely at home.