Paint the town: Roque Bluffs

by goatlove

We had some beautiful days this past week: sunny, blue skies, pushing 60.  I took advantage of an extra long lunch break one day and went for a hike at Roque Bluffs, a state park about 12 minutes driving distance from the farm.

Roque Bluffs Map

Roque Bluffs SP consists of a forested area with hiking trails that loop through and around birch forests and Pond Cove, and a sandy beach, which you can see a picture of in the “Check in: T-M-I” post.   The sandy beach, a rarity in Maine, was formed from eroding glacial moraine found further east.  Moraine is essentially a pile of dirt and rock which drops out of a glacier as it melts.

The trail starts in a field of matted down brown grasses and branches off into a damp forest, carpeted with bright green moss. 

After some time the forest opens up to reveal the cove.

The forest was filled with little surprises: moss in shades of green and pink, tall stands of birch trees huddled together, and a solitary derelict cabin.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to have a beach and a good hiking spot minutes from where I’m living.  It helps Jonesboro feel just a little bit less tiny.