Spare tire, anyone?

by goatlove

If you’re really aching for that muffin-top look, you should really think about working at a goat dairy.  Ugh, seriously, folks.  Since I arrived a week ago every meal I’ve had has included either goat’s milk or cheese.  Delicious, yes.  Allowing me to have a waist, no.  My sister suggested I just buy new pants.  Unfortunately I don’t have the funds for that so I GUESS I’ll have to start EXERCISING… for real this time.

My family was kind enough to purchase a gym membership for me as part of the agreement we worked out ahead of time.  I drove the 10 minutes to Machias today to get a tour of the facilities, which took 3.1 minutes.  It would have taken less time, but the young gal giving the tour is really into the stair-stepper-machiney-thing and wanted to thoroughly go over how awesome it is and how it will kick my butt.  Good.  Bring it on!