Fact in your FACE! Things you never realized you’re dying to know about Maine.

by goatlove

I heard from a neighbor that Wednesday was a record high in Jonesboro for the date (March 17).  I believe it was somewhere around 59 degrees.  It was warm enough that I went for a run in shorts and a T and my nose turned pink, like a bunny’s.  The weather has been happy-sun-with-cool-eighties-shades-on since I arrived this week.  I was expecting something quite different, considering some of the warnings people had given me about Maine weather before I got up here.  For instance, here’s a quote from a Mainer I had been in touch with in January:

“We were trying to remember, yesterday, why we wanted to farm in Maine!  Our 4′ fences are under snow,… shoveling paths yesterday took 2 of us working for 7 hours nearly nonstop – with a shovel and a snow blower.”

So, I had been preparing myself for, you know, weather that would require snow shoes and tire chains.  Maybe I brought some of the sunny southwest and Carolina blue sky up here with me?  All I know is, I didn’t trek these mounds of woolen clothing up here for nothing, so Maine had better get its snow on some time soon.  Ooooh, I regret saying that.  Okay, knock on wood for me.  Quickly now, before the storm clouds start rolling in.  Thanks.