Made it to Maine.

by goatlove

I woke up in Worcester, Mass. yesterday to a crisp, robin’s egg sky.  Not a cloud or a raindrop in sight… FINALLY!  It was a beautiful 6-hour drive up to Jonesboro, Maine from there.  I was a bit nervous as I knocked on the door of my new boss/family.  Thoughts running through my head included:

-Did I park in the right spot?
-Is this the right house?
-Is my fly unzipped?
-Why didn’t I write their address down…

But it was the right house.  There were introductions all around and then it was straight up the hill to the goats for evening chores.  It’s been about 4 months since I’ve milked, and I’ve really only milked a couple goats, so I was rusty and nervous.  The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the last 24 hours?  Goat teats are not as sensitive as people teats.  There’s no need to be a wimp about tugging those things around.

After milking chores it was magic hour… and time to feed the kids.  This was the moment – a bottle in each of my hands, golden highlights from the setting sun falling across my face, and 2 baby goats, tails wagging furiously and their alien eyes staring up at me drunkenly as they sucked in mouthfuls of milk – this was when I started to feel at home.  Just a taste of it.